Ben Knight


Ben Knight, with a research background in cognitive neuroscience and the evolution of collective intelligence, and a practical background in community coordination, social justice organizing, media and communications, is a key member of a Wellington, New Zealand-based but globally networked cooperative dedicated to building social enterprises and empowering grassroots democracy. He is one of the main architects of Loomio, an online tool for collaborative decision-making now being used by thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Loomio emerged when activists from the Occupy movement teamed up with the social enterprise network , realizing that they were using different approaches to work towards the same goal. The Loomio Cooperative, made up of 12 worker-members and a network of contributors and advisors with diverse skills and experiences, all contributing to a powerful shared vision, is an inspiring model of a new type of technologically cutting-edge but just, egalitarian and locally empowering social enterprise.

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