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Your ticket purchase is an investment in your own learning and growth—and in a larger community and movement for change. Please select your ticket thoughtfully.

  • Corporate: You are part of a for-profit company that has a budget for conferences or professional development.
  • Government/Non-Profit: You are part of a public or nonprofit organization with a limited budget for conferences or professional development.
  • Individual: You are buying your tickets without employer funding.

Afternoon passes will be available for $75 at the Registration Booth on site each day of the conference starting at 1:30pm. You'll get access to all afternoon and evening sessions (unless otherwise noted). Keynotes are not included.

If you're interested in advance purchase of afternoon passes for a large group, please contact

We're grateful for all you do and excited you'll be a part of the 2015 Bioneers Conference!

Dear Bioneer:

Before you decide which ticket to purchase, please consider that the Bioneers conference is not a source of profit.

It’s part of our mission to connect people from all walks of life with each other and with breakthrough ideas that can positively transform the world.

When you pay full price—or pay it forward by buying a higher-priced ticket—you make it possible for someone who shares your commitment but has more limited funds to join in this movement.

If we were to charge what it costs, we would have a $750 ticket price across the board, just to break even.

We do everything we can to subsidize the cost of the conference and make it as affordable as possible. Even so, we can only offer small quantities of discounted tickets for those with limited funds.

Please buy your ticket at the price you can afford—and know your purchase is part of the Bioneers community traditions of diversity and inclusivity.

See you at the conference!

Refund Policy

  • Donations and meals are not refundable at any time.
  • Cancellations received by September 1st will be refunded at 50% of the price.
  • After September 1st, no refunds will be given for cancellations.
  • Bioneers reserves the right to refuse service.
  • The above policies apply to both the conference and pre- and post­ conference intensives

Limited Income Tickets

Bioneers offers a small number of special-rate tickets to students, educators and seniors with limited incomes until September 30th, 2015 (or until they're sold out).

If you are not an active student, educator, or senior with limited income, please take advantage of the regular Early Bird prices to keep these tickets available for others. Your honesty and integrity are appreciated!


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2015 Sponsors

2015 Sponsors
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About Our Prices
When you purchase a full-price ticket, you help Bioneers offer discounted tickets to those with limited incomes—and ensure an inclusive, diverse movement for change. Please select your ticket thoughtfully.
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