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How can soil help fight climate change? 

What's the connection between pasture and pollinators?

You're invited to join a select group of influential thinkers in the fields of science, nutrition, and agriculture for an evening of dynamic conversations and delicious food on Sunday, October 18, 2015 at 4:30 pm at the 2015 Bioneers Conference. Together, we'll discuss fresh solutions for a sustainable food future, and learn ways we can all take action to protect a precious and powerful, nonrenewable resource: SOIL!

Connect with experts in soil, pasture, climate, nutrition, pollinators and seeds! We're thrilled to announce that Paul Hawken will join us for an intimate talk on stage.

Enjoy delicious organic food and sip craft cocktails!

Space is very limited. Click here to reserve your spot today

Special Guests and Experts:

On Pasture:

      Jarrid Bordessa, Organic Valley Farmer

      Pam Reisgraf, Organic Valley Farmer

On Soil:

      Mark Kopecky, Organic Valley Soil Agronomist

      Margaret Reeves, PAN

On Climate:

      Mark Lipson

      Jake Schmitz, Organic Valley climate change expert

On Nutrition:

      Melinda Hemmelgarn, Food Sleuth

      Tracy Misiewicz, TOC

On Pollination:

      Terry Oxford, Urban Bee

      Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, PAN

On Seeds:

      Bill Tracy, Dept of Agronomy, UWMadison

      Karl Dallefeld, Prairie Creek Seed

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2015 Sponsors
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