New for 2015: Yoga and Movement at Bioneers!

Bioneers 2014

A weekend at Bioneers is immersive and saturating. All those deeply stimulating dives towards solving the world's problems can get overwhelming, and many of you have expressed the desire for opportunities to unwind and recharge in the midst of it all. We heard you and we have radically expanded our yoga and movement offerings this year. We are thrilled to bring you renowned yogini, Suzanne Sterling, along with her yoga mate, Rebecca Rogers, from Off the Mat. We’re honored to bring you the Bay Area Soul Motion​ Collective, and Adam of Yoga to the People; all are ready to assist your integration and re-enlivenment…and perhaps your enlightenment!

All of the yoga classes (including Suzanne’s powerful embodiment session) will be held outdoors on the magical Island. (In case of much-needed rain, the class will be indoors in the Exhibit Hall.) The dance classes will be held outdoors at the Sun Stage and also, in case of rain, Friday’s class will be relocated indoors in the Exhibit Hall, but Saturday’s class will not be held.

All conference attendees are welcome to attend any or all of these classes and no sign-up is required.

IMPORTANT: Please bring your yoga mat with you!

yogaposeSuzanne Sterling, musician, ritualist and co-founder of Off The Mat, Into the World

Yoga/Movement Schedule


7:45-8:45 | Morning Flow Vinyasa Yoga with Adam Zwecker

1:15-2:15 | Vinyasa Yoga with Adam Zwecker

6:15-7:15 | Conscious Dance with the Bay Area Soul Motion Collective



7:45-8:45 | Yoga with Suzanne Sterling

1:15-2:15 | Embodiment with Suzanne Sterling

6:15-7:15 | Conscious Dance with the Bay Area Soul Motion Collective



7:45-8:45 | AM Yoga: Be the Change with Rebecca Rogers

1:15-2:15 | Sustainable Yoga for a Sustainable Planet with Rebecca Rogers

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2015 Sponsors
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