Pre-Conference Intensive – Acorns, Elderberries and Pine Nuts: How to Keep Our Cultural Landscapes Healthy Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Demonstration and Workshop – October 15

Western Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge need each other to solve today’s crises. This hands-on immersion in the knowledge, sciences, and practices of California Native peoples working to protect and restore their eco-cultural heritage will focus especially on traditional food gathering and processing, and sophisticated, time-tested land management practices. The workshop will be full of fun, food and culture-bearers. We are particularly interested in engaging both Native and non-Native conservationists, scientists, NGOs, and governmental organizations seeking to connect with TEK holders and Indigenous stewardship ethics to help refine their own understanding of ecosystems and their land management systems. Co-hosted by Cara Romero (Chemehuevi), Director of Bioneers’ Indigenous Knowledge Program; Tiffany Adams (Miwok/Maidu/ Chemehuevi); Leah Mata (Northern Chumash); and Edward Willie (Pomo/Walkiki/Wintu).

Location: McNears Beach County Park – San Rafael

Transportation: A shuttle will depart the Embassy Suites in San Rafael at 8:30 a.m., please be on time.  A group will gather in the front lobby starting at 8:15 a.m. The shuttle will return from McNears Beach County Park at 5:00 p.m.

Price: $195.00 includes transportation and lunch by Wahpepah’s Kitchen


Pre-Conference Intensive – Building Green Blocs: Collaborative Climate Policy Innovations – October 15

Real, viable and encouraging action continues to swell across multiple scales below the federal/nation state level. States, regions, cities, and citizen groups are rapidly developing collaborative networks and frameworks to take significant policy action on climate change. This one-day forum will explore the role of collaborative climate policy across multiple jurisdictional scales – from coordinated citizen action to city, state and regional collaborations, to global sub-national partnerships, such as Holland’s recent pact with California.

What are the leading models for multi-scale collaboration on climate policy? Can the success of California’s vanguard efforts on this front be “exported?” Can Environmental Justice issues be dealt with more effectively via sub-national collaborations? Join a diverse group of groundbreaking leaders from civil society and government to explore how collaborative approaches to climate change are changing the game, pointing us towards a resilient and climate-ready future, and how we can participate in this emerging movement.

Speakers include:

  • Vien Truong, National Director, Green For All
  • Andy Lipkis, founder/President, TreePeople
  • Renata Brillinger, Executive Director, California Climate and Agriculture Network
  • Henk Ovink, Special Envoy on International Water Affairs for the Netherlands
  • Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director of The Solutions Project
  • David Orr, Oberlin College & the Cleveland Foundation
  • Greg Watson, Director of Policy and Systems Design, Schumacher Center
  • Timothy Burroughs, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Berkeley
  • Hugo von Meijenfeldt, Consul General of the Netherlands
  • Aiko Schaefer, Coordinator of Communities of Color for Climate Justice in Washington State
  • Ellie Cohen, CEO of Point Blue Conservation Science
  • Others TBA

Location:  Embassy Suites Hotel

Price: $195.00 includes lunch

Non-profit professionals, students and activists encouraged to apply for discounted attendance. Click here to apply.


Post-Conference Intensive – Living Seeds – October 19

Please note the post conference intensive – Living Seeds has been cancelled.


Post-Conference Intensive – Transforming Power Dynamics into Dynamic Power for Movement Building – October 19

  • How do we form effective alliances in the face of inequity and distrust?
  • What’s possible when we stop perceiving power and privilege as limited commodities?
  • How do we transform rage/shame/discomfort/difference into opportunities for trust building? 
  • What does it take to dynamically engage as a unified movement?

Join J. Miakoda Taylor, Director of Fierce Allies; Rosa Gonzalez, Founder of Facilitating Power; and a diverse team of movement building leaders, in this interactive workshop, as we explore these questions and more. 

Fierce Allies helps participants cultivate, in relatively brief time, potent
 resources for staying in your body, in the room, in the conversation, and in
relationship when challenging issues or conflicts arise. These practices are an
essential yet often absent ingredient for leveraging the transformational fire
of fiercely honest dialogues across divides of power and other differences.

-Nina Simons, co-founder, Bioneers; founder, Everywoman's Leadership

Are you organizing for climate justice or immigrant rights, a grassroots or labor union organizer, crafting policy, mobilizing public opinion, protecting farm workers, transforming the cradle-to-prison pipeline, fighting for food/land sovereignty or sustainable agriculture, a funder, educating future leaders… Is movement building relevant to your work?

Draw on practices from Restorative Justice, Somatic Trauma Healing, Popular Education, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Indigenous Wisdom…

Participate. Interact. Question. Build skills. Connect. Impact. Be impacted. Expand comfort zones. Seed fierce alliances.

Location:  Embassy Suites Hotel

Price: $125.00 includes lunch

Registration for this event closes at 1:30 pm on October 18th.

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