Art at Bioneers 2015

This year Bioneers strove to go above and beyond to bring you beautiful, engaging and interactive art from a wide variety of world-class artists. Between sessions, please explore the grounds to see and experience the amazing art installations we’ve curated just for you.

And be sure to check out the brand new Artisan Market in the Exhibit Hall. You’ll discover a plethora of artists offering their goods for sale, as well as a very special Indigenous Fine Arts Market (IFAM) pop-up, meaning half of the artisans are Indigenous peoples.

Self_2013Android Jones : “I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again.”

The much sought-after multimedia artist is bringing an immersive visual experience to the new and improved Saturday Night Dance, including a special Phadroid performance with dancer Phaedrana Jones. Selections of his work and other merchandise will be on display and for sale there.



robert BengtsonRobert Bengtson, Inspiration Campaign: As a follow-up to the installation brought to last year’s conference, this year's attendees will be invited to participate by sitting with sacred plaster casts to source/share their own inspiring message(s) with the world. In collaboration with Robert’s latest vision, Inspiration Campaign, following the conference participants will be invited to vote on a selection of the messages submitted, which will in turn become a bus “advertisement" reaching over 125,000 eyes throughout the Bay Area! Come by, participate, and let your positivity be counted!

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Chad ‘Fez’ Gaetz, Alchemy Arts Collective: Outside you will be able to admire Lilium Gigantum, a flower of epic proportions born in the Pacific Northwest that has traveled around the US, even taking root temporarily at Burning Man.


AnnKatrinAnn-Katrin Speiss: “I am interested in spaces, both physical and psychological, and how the two relate to one another. My projects exist for a few hours or days at a time. In many projects, performance and ritual assume an essential role and the space takes on significance through the actions performed.”

Ann will be brining her Meditation Cube 3 to Bioneers, as a safe space for conference attendees to meditate and contemplate their day.


Flowers on Your Head:  “Because people are better when they are art, they are nature and when flowers are involved.” – Mud Baron

Find Mud and get your photo taken with flowers on your head – become art.



TerryOxford croppedTerry Oxford: Understanding how bees think about space, Terry created a removable area inside a hive where bees could create beeswax shapes.  Terry believes that all of nature is dying for us to change our ways now.  Bees are the perfect voice because the changes required to save bees, both native and honeybees, will also save birds, trees, air, water and indeed, even people. You will be able to view her beautiful, bee-designed art at the conference.


F for Fragile


The Bee Dance Project: This piece consists of the Hive, a hexagonal dome made of recycled and organic materials, where you can watch and learn the bees own Waggle Dance. Live performances by the Bee Dancers will take place daily.

portrait of carter brooks at mountain film 2013Carter Brooks: “Climate Art is the intersection of Art and the Climate Crisis, so must be about engaging the subject directly and building capacity in the qualities and talents necessary for the scale of challenge facing humanity and the planetary system as a whole. It is ambitious.”

Carter is an artist and philosopher of climate art whose work explores how humanity and civilization will evolve in a rapidly changing world. At Bioneers, he will bring his mesmerizing melting ice installations.

Climate Ribbon Project: The Climate Ribbon is a public art ritual to grieve all that we stand to lose to Climate Chaos—and recommit ourselves to action on behalf of the Earth and its people. At Bioneers you will be able to make your own Climate Ribbon and share it by tying it on a tree for other to read. You can also take another’s ribbon that you find particularly touching.

Jennifer Zakin: Jennifer will be bringing her public art prowess to the conference with the Triple Crescent Moon Earth Tattoo, a ceremonial offering in the form of a participatory public performance created outdoors on the earth. Conference attendees will be invited to participate in the creation of this offering.

KennyandMeseFeldsott: My Enemy is a traveling art installation aimed at bridging the divide between you and your enemy. Stop by and dedicate a dove to your enemy. Feldsott is also a respected painter – you can find several of his paintings on display at the conference.

"Feldsott has removed his work from the kind of overdetermined discourse frequently associated with “advanced” art today. He is not interested in art that becomes fixated on various notions of theory. Rather he makes work that admits an inventive form of language, independent of any presumptuous theory or superficial marketing requirements." — Robert C. Morgan



Marcus Amerman: As you enter the Veterans’ Memorial Theater, you are surrounded by a procession of Warrior Spirit Beings created by the world-renowned Choctaw artist.marcus

The concept behind these sculptures is humanity’s need for help from the heavens to save Mother Earth. They are created with recycled and repurposed materials: horns, shields, hubcaps, feathers, Indian memorabilia and more. These celestial beings—modern-day versions of Native American sky beings—have come as Earth guardians to support the Revolution from the Heart of Nature.


Beehive Design Collective: This all-volunteer and youth-run artist collective is known for its massive and intricate portable murals that tells stories about resistance to issues such as corporate globalization, neo-colonization and resource extraction. They use animal and plant metaphors to highlight our connection to nature, while creating conceptual frameworks for understanding these complex issues. Look out for their educational storytelling station!

Laurie Marshall: A Bioneers regular, the interactive Singing Tree will be returning to the conference yet again. Find it in the hallway of the Showcase Theater and contribute your creativity!

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